Round the Blogosphere 12-13-2010

Blogs traditionally quiet down a bit between Thanksgiving and Christmas, but there’s been enough activity out there to warrant a look-see.

Elsewhere . . .

  • Marty Kittrell shared some atmospheric photos of Vicksburg and the Military Park in fall in “This week in Vicksburg.”
  • MDAH’s Sense of Place blog posted a digitized image of Van Dorn’s original 1822 plan of Jackson in “Le Fleur’s Bluff and Jackson.”
  • The Urban Decay blog by kodachromeguy introduced me to an old grain elevator, now abandoned, on Hwy 61 north of Vicksburg. Coincidentally, I recently took some pictures of the elevators at Drew, one of four in Mississippi built by the Quaker Oats Company in the early 1940s. I think the others were in Greenville and maybe Clarksdale and possibly this one near Redwood.
  • Suzassippi got inspired by our focus on H.N. Austin last week, and since she has easy access to Bryant Hall, one of Austin’s creations, she took some photos of the interior and shared them over on her Lottabusha County Chronicles blog. Thanks Susan!
  • Last week I went to see LEGO Jackson! at the Mississippi Arts Center in downtown Jackson. My neighbor Scott Crawford displayed his Lego city, complete with train, cathedral, and other urban amenities. It’s a fun display for the kids, and it provided an interesting modern take on the famous Old Capitol model train and town exhibit called Possum Ridge. The display also reminded me that LEGO has recently introduced a Frank Lloyd Wright series, and I may have Fallingwater on my Christmas list.

Outside our fine state:

As is traditional here on MissPres, we’ll get our own end-of-year lists going the last week of the year.

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