A New Mississippi Preservationist Extraordinaire

W. White took the lead  from the first day’s Name This Place competition this week and only widened it each day to earn his first win and the right to wear the crown Mississippi Preservationist Extraordinaire. Congratulations, W! I know you will be working on your acceptance speech and formulating your agenda: speaking engagements, waving in parades, visiting elementary schools–the schedule of a Mississippi Preservationist Extraordinaire is a busy one indeed!

Here are the final standings and congratulations to all who participated:

W. White: 17 points
Belinda: 12 points
J.R. Gordon: 4 points
Tom Barnes: 3 points
Susan Allen: 2 points
doakley: 2 points
Jack Elliott: 1 point
Marty Kittrell: 1 point
Kathleen Jenkins: 1 point
Levi Weeks: 1 point

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4 replies

  1. Congratulations W (not the president) and please note that the Lottabusha County Annual Mackey Miller Place Festival will want to secure your presence for the parade. You will get to sit on top of a 1984 Nissan 280ZX which will pull a scale-model replica of the Old Mackey Miller Place, located in Lottabusha County. Waving is expected, but not required.


  2. I suspect W has been practicing his wave all week in the mirror :-)


  3. I cannot wait; although, now that I am a Mississippi Preservationist Extraordinaire, I will require a trailer large enough to accommodate a collection of antique canoes and photographs of industrial wastelands and with a gold metallic outer skin, to make the trailer look like a David Bowie spaceship. Inside the trailer, I require a selection of fancy cheeses (preferably with unpronounceable names), fizzy water, Bison Burgers, and Osage Oranges (in case the crowds get out of hand).



  4. Oh brother, we’ve created a MONSTER! Those cheeses they make at MSU aren’t good enough for ya’ now, huh buddy?


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