A New Contributor to MissPres

I’m very very happy–really you don’t know how happy–to announce that our news roundup today will be brought to you courtesy of our newest official Preservation in Mississippi contributor, W. White. Most of you know W. White from his astute comments and observations about architecture and preservation. I have learned a lot from his comments–I think he may have seen more famous architecture than I have–and I figured I’d better bring him on as a contributor before he started his own rival blog and stole all my advertising away. W also represents the coveted “under 30” market segment, and hopefully will bring a fresh and non-crotchety perspective to the preservation news of our great state. I personally attained crotchetiness well before I turned 30, but hopefully W. hasn’t been ruined quite yet.

W. White studies architecture history at Mississippi State University, but he grew up in the Muscle Shoals area of Alabama. He loves to sing, dance, do origami, write poetry, and he spent a year riding the rodeo circuit. Actually, I don’t know that any of that last sentence is true–maybe W. can verify (or not).

Hopefully in the next few days, I’ll get somewhat more accurate bios in the “About” section of the blog for each of the authors. In the meantime, W. White’s news roundup, based on actual physical newspapers that he can access in the MSU library, will post at noon today. W. will be heading up the news roundup for the next couple of months and maybe also doing a few more posts about his travels around the back roads of Mississippi. I hope y’all will give him a warm Mississippi welcome.

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6 replies

  1. Welcome to MissPres! Looking forward to more of your insight!


  2. PTHHHHHT!!!!

    No, seriously, welcome sir!


  3. Glad you’ve received an official title W. as you’ve been having to fill in for EL’s laxness over the last few round-ups.
    Thanks for giving us the skinny on preservation around the state.


  4. Oh EL you know we only pick on those we love! :-)


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