“Name This Place,” An Exciting Contest!

This week, to celebrate that I still haven’t turned on my air conditioning this year even though it’s already the second week of June and we’re in Mississippi, we’re going to play a little game, or if you prefer–as a more mature pastime–“hold a contest.” This game will test all my reader(s) skill in identifying our historic buildings around the state. And given that it will include buildings from around the state, it might also test to see how many of you (presuming I have more than one reader by now–please let it be true!) actually get out and about onto the backroads of Mississippi. Thirdly, it might test whether any of you have been paying attention to my previous blog posts.

Rules (because there must always be rules or we will descend into utter chaos!):

  1. Five photos will be published–one each weekday this week. To avoid giving an advantage to the morning people amongst us, of which I am most definitely not one, they will be published at 9 AM (CDT) each morning.
  2. The first person to state the name of the building, along with its location wins a point. Post answers in the comment area. The format of the answer must include the name and the town or it won’t count. I can be a total fascist when it comes to format, so don’t try my patience!
  3. I may or may not give a hint before the photo. It just depends on how I’m feeling.
  4. To make it more interesting (or perhaps hopelessly complex): an extra point will be awarded to anyone who can add more information to the initial answer, whether that information includes a construction date, architect, or historical information about the building’s use or importance. Only one point per person for extra information, no matter how much information you give. This means that up to two points can be awarded to the person who answers first if he or she includes not only the name and location but also the construction date, etc. But only one point can be awarded to anyone who adds information after the initial correct answer. As a strategy, however, you might consider that if you add a bunch of extra information you will be taking away points from others who won’t have much left to say once you’re done.
  5. If there is a judgment call about whether your information “adds” enough to be interesting and thus to receive a point, I, E.L. Malvaney (hereafter referred to as “Author” or “Grand Poohbah”) will make that judgment call after consulting whoever happens to be standing around me and/or my dog, who is very wise and can communicate alot with just a sigh or a yawn.
  6. At the end of the week (i.e., after Friday), the person with the most points wins a trip to an exotic locale. But wait! That’s not all! If she has loved your answers, you’ll also get a smooch from my dog.

The first photo will appear at 9 AM sharp. Good luck!

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