Dean Morris Alexander, Jackson preservationist extraordinaire

Check out this article in this week’s Northside Sun about Dean Morris Alexander, doyen of the 500 block of North State Street here in Jackson. I love articles like this because they shine a much-deserved light on people who have worked for years in the background to preserve our history and make their communities better places. Mrs. Alexander is a true preservationist–she worked tirelessly to restore her own Neoclassical house just north of First Baptist and when that was done, she bought the Queen Anne house next door to fix it up too. In fact, she was instrumental in saving that whole little block of N. State, which is a miniature reminder of what State Street used to be for blocks and blocks up through Belhaven.

The last paragraph of the article quotes Mrs. Alexander about what preservation means to her–it’s a great quote and eloquently sums up what preservation is all about:

Historic preservation is clearly her love. “We have examples of nearly every kind of architecture in Jackson, houses that represent another era tell the story of those who came before. All architecture is human story. These houses and churches and other historic structures belong to everyone. We need the leadership of intelligent citizens, organized in purpose and efficiency, who will take responsibility for the progress and well-being of their community. That will mean to each of us growth, challenge and the opportunity for adventure. And by ‘adventure’ I mean the discovery of new powers and new dimensions, the opportunity for self-testing, the happiness that comes from high achievement.”


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