To Russia With Love

I’m sure most of you as you read my blog think of me as cool and sophisticated, which of course I am. Completely. But I have to admit there’s just a little piece of me that’s . . . well . . . geeky. Ok, the truth is, I enjoy designing databases and I have a blog, so I guess that makes me a complete Geek. Anyway, after getting home from my Incredibly Important Job making Decisions of National, Even Universal Significance, I usually sit down to my computer and check my blog statistics page. This is a handy reference for the geeks among us who want to know things like how many views each of our posts got, what search terms Google is linking to our page from, etc. (Don’t be alarmed–I can’t see anyone’s e-mail or individual information . . . yet :-) There’s also a section called “Referrers” and this tells me what other web pages viewers linked to to find my blog–normally, this is just a Google page or my Flickr account, but today I sat down and saw this link:

So, being a person with a great deal of curiosity (I was about to say “a curious person” which would also be true, but not exactly what I wanted to say) as well as geekiness, I clicked it and found my amazing, well-designed blog, but in a language that looks like it’s in the cyrillic alphabet. I assume it’s Russian? I don’t know. Whatever it is, I just have to say that it’s really cool to have someone in another country looking at my blog and possibly understanding it even (which may be more than the English-speakers among us do).

It’s not so strange once you think about it: Mississippi had a huge St. Petersburg exhibit in 1996,  and I think it was 2005 when a group of Russian preservation leaders came through Mississippi and other states around here as a cultural exchange about how each country did preservation.

So, if I do have a Russian fan or two out there, I give you the traditional Mississippi greeting, “Hey, how ya doin?” And I send you this picture, the first Louisiana iris of the year, which began blooming in my yard today. We may have started the week with snow, but by Wednesday it’s 70 degrees (21 C) and the flowers are blooming. And that’s just one more reason to love Mississippi.


Categories: Historic Preservation

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