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I’m not hip enough, or possibly social enough, to be on Facebook, but I know lots of people are. A group has gathered there to work to preserve the historic (and very cool) Beverly Drive-In Theater, Hattiesburg’s icon of cheeseburgers, bobby socks, greased hair, Studebakers, and . . . well, it’s probably best not to dwell on some of the other past-times that took place there.

Beverly Drive-In Theater

The Beverly has fallen on hard times, especially after damage from Hurricane Katrina in 2005. It was listed on the Mississippi Heritage Trust’s 10 Most Endangered List in 2007.  Here’s an excerpt from MHT’s listing for the Beverly:

The Beverly, first opened on May 29th, 1948, was the second drive-in theater to open in the state of Mississippi.  One of the more unique features about the theater is that the owners’ residence – a three bedroom, two bathroom house with a sun porch – was built beneath the main screen.  In addition to two full-size screens, the complex houses a concession stand/projection room and a drive-through box office.

. . .

Since the hurricane, little has been done to repair the site.  Water infiltration has damaged the interiors of the complex, and the owner has neither the finances nor the willingness to venture forward.  With a startling 96% of Mississippi’s drive-in theaters having been closed, the importance of preserving and restoring this site could not be more evident.  The property is currently for sale, either for restoration or redevelopment.

So if you’re on Facebook, join the crowd and do what you can to Save the Beverly!

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  1. I am interested in leasing/renting/buying the Beverly and fixing it back up, whom do i contact? thanks


  2. Our company is interested in leasing/buying the Beverly and fixing it up. Do you know who we could contact.
    Thank you


    • I’m going to reply to both of you offline to give you some contact information. The theater is listed on the National Register, so rehab work qualifies for tax credits. I think there has been some problem with the owner asking too much, but maybe it’s become apparent by now that the price is too high.


    • I am one of the owners of the Drive-In. Are you still interested in buying or leasing it?


    • Beverly, I’ve contacted each of these posters to let them know you’ve responded, so hopefully they will get back with you if they’re interested.


  3. Email us at


  4. For those who do not know, the main screen tower of the Beverly Drive-In theatre <a href="; burned to the frame in a fire which struck in the wee hours of Saturday morning, October 30, 2010.


  5. Who remember the last manager of the Beverly? His name was Freeman Ballard. I was a friend of his in high school in New Orleans in 1975. I’d like to connect with anyone who remembers him during his tenure at the Beverly in the late 1980s until it closed in 1987.



  1. MissPres News Roundup 11-1-2010 | Preservation in Mississippi

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