Rosemont, Wilkinson County

Rosemont, near Woodville – (1810) (National Register) Originally referred to as Poplar Grove, Rosemont (named for Jane Davis’s rose garden in the 1830s) is the Davis family’s ancestral manse, the site of Jefferson Davis’s childhood. Located about a mile from Woodville, Rosemont is a one-and-a-half-story, cypress clapboarded, Federal style house, not a mansion but representative of the more modest houses constructed by “middle class” plantation owners. The Palladian dormer window and full-length undercut gallery are defining architectural features. According to the National Register nomination form, “Rosemont is a modest but nonetheless fine architectural specimen constructed in a form typical of the southwest region of the Mississippi Territory, but the significance of the house is expanded beyond the local level primarily because of its association with Jefferson Davis (1808-1889)…As the home of the Davis family ca. 1812 until 1895, Rosemont predated Hurricane, Briarfield, and Beauvoir in the life of Jefferson Davis, and it continued to figure as the “home place” to which he periodically returned while in residence at the three later homes.” Despite the various successive ownerships in the Twentieth Century, Rosemont remained almost entirely unchanged except for minor details.

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