Rocky Springs Methodist Church, Claiborne County

Rocky Springs Methodist Church, along the Natchez Trace

Rocky Springs Methodist Church, Claiborne County – (1837) The final remaining structure in the ghost town of Rocky Springs, which possessed a population of 2,600 people at its height. However, due to a yellow fever epidemic, a disastrous cotton crop, poor farming practices, and the Natchez Trace’s decline; Rocky Springs was nearly abandoned by the turn of the Twentieth Century. The numerous gullies in the area attest to the poor farming methods that helped doom Rocky Springs. Rocky Springs Methodist Church survived the decline of the town as an active congregation until closing in April 2010. Rocky Springs Methodist Church is a vernacular Federal style church, relying on simplicity, clean lines, and its prominent setting at the crest of a hill instead of ornament to impart grandeur and architectural importance. Also, the church has undergone very few changes; the removal of the belfry in 1901 as a safety precaution is the only exterior change; the only interior changes are slight ones involving the electrification of the building. Overall, Rocky Springs Methodist Church is one of the most intact antebellum churches in Mississippi.

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  1. I would like to have met there one evening to have a worship service, who do I need to contact to get permission to do this?


    • Is it possible to have a wedding inside the church? Just 10 people total, including the bride and groom. No decorations or candles. Please reply.


    • I do not know if you are still interested or not but if you will call Fay at (601) 535 7054 you she will be able to tell you.


    • “Friends of Ro..Each year on the third Sunday in April this takes place. Please come.cky Springs” will host its’ annual homecoming on Sunday April 21, 2013 at 11:00 a.m. with church service and dinner on the grounds immediately following. If you are planning to come bring a covered dish (with food!) and a chair. Music will be provided by the generosity of Rocky Springs Band.


  2. I’m sorry I don’t know the answer about who to contact. I would assume that the first place to start would be the Mississippi Conference of the Methodist Church, based in Jackson. The e-mail on their webpage is I don’t know if they still own the property, since the church officially closed in April 2010:


  3. Rocky Springs Church. On several of my trips to Natchez, Mississippi…..I always stop at Rocky Springs along the Trace and visit the Church there. It is a nice and peaceful quick rest stop. Really gives me a sense of history to the area.


  4. There is a campground and trails a very cool graveyard with grey hanging moss- a waterfall ( if it’s just rained. try to contact rocky springs park- A outside wedding perhaps?


  5. is it haunted? whats the book inside that everyone signs?


    • No! Rocky Springs is the most peaceful place you can find. The presence of God is so real. The book was and still is to let the people still caring for RS to know who has visited. People from all over the world visit and sign the book. The orginization that is keeping RS up is called “Frieds of Rocky Springs” and the numbers to call are: (601) 535-7054 or (601) 535-2282. We willl continue to keep RS up as long as we have the money. We have a caretaker ($). We are dependent on funds from Homecoming and gifts. Annual homecoming with dinner on the grounds will be April 21, 2013 at 11:00 a.m. It is always on the third Sunday in April.


  6. I suppose every historical place has it’s haunts of ghosts and related tales. Someone asked about the book in the Rocky Springs Church left on the table to sign. It’s usually on the table by the entrance door. You can bet the book has Several of my signatures.


  7. There’s a wives tale I heard about how the town’s people believed that Tobias Gibson was responsible for bringing on the yellow fever and that he was buried under a tree in the cemetery.. it’s said that if you were to cut down this tree that he would return to bring on the yellow fever again lol…Sounds legit lol


  8. Great sense of history. Attended wedding of a friend here.


  9. Glad the Rocky Springs Methodist Church is being kept alive and to know someone is preserving the history of the Church. Didn’t know the Church no longer has services. Every time I travel to Natchez I always make a stop at Rocky Springs and sign the guest book in the Church.



  1. Going Inside: Rocky Springs Methodist Church « Preservation in Mississippi

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