Prentiss Club, Natchez

Prentiss Club, Natchez – (1905) (National Register). The Prentiss Club was chartered in 1903 as a private men’s club and named after Sergeant S. Prentiss, a Natchez lawyer whose portraits adorns the façade. The Prentiss Club’s construction dates to 1905 with Natchez contractors Stietenroth and Dowda entrusted to carry out New Orleans architects Soule and MacDonald’s design. According to the National Register nomination form, the Renaissance Revival Prentiss Club “is one of the finest examples of the style in the state and certainly the best example in Natchez.” Despite looking like an Italian Renaissance Palazzo, the Prentiss Club was nearly demolished in the 1976 for a parking lot. The interior, remodeled after the building was saved from destruction, is quite flamboyant, much more so than the original, but many interior features survive and are worth a second look.

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  1. How do we get to you…We are staying at the Best Western on John Junniker Drive. Also. how is the dress for the event, especially the men as we would appreciate it very much!

    The Bells from Hattiesburg, MS


  2. I need the number to the Prentiss club for a reception.


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