Liddon Castle, Corinth

Liddon Castle, Corinth – (1908) (1907-08) Also known as the more prosaic Benjamin Franklin Liddon House, Liddon Castle is the architectural centerpiece of Benjamin Liddon’s Corinth fiefdom. Liddon was a banker, theater impresario, and his own architect. Liddon Castle is one of the most impressive expressions of Benjamin Liddon’s architectural tastes. Liddon designed Liddon Castle in 1907-08, transporting the limestone from Moulton, Alabama to Corinth, where one African American stonemason crafted the entire façade. Liddon merged together a Richardson Romanesque mansion and a Neoclassical portico, juxtaposing castle-like towers and crenellations with Corinthian columns and Neoclassical stone quoins around the windows. This juxtaposition is something that would never be taught in architecture school, yet perhaps it should since, although the house is rather stylistically schizophrenic, Liddon Castle is the most imposing and visually interesting house in Corinth and Northeast Mississippi. The interior is equally impressive with mosaic tile floors, beamed ceilings twenty feet in height, and leaded glass windows.

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  1. Are group tours available


  2. It’s for sale again!


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