Hampton Hall, Wilkinson County

Hampton Hall, front facade, historic postcard view, c. 1940 (W. White collection)

Hampton Hall, near Woodville, Wilkinson County – (c. 1825-32) (National Register) Located about a mile from Woodville, Hampton Hall is a late, Federal style mansion surrounded by live oaks, boxwoods, and azaleas which even the 1930s WPA book Mississippi: A Guild to the Magnolia State reported as “almost obscure[ing] the two-and-a-half-story, columned…structure.” According to the National Register nomination form, “The house is important for its excellent state of preservation and its integrity of setting, and as an illustration of the combination of Federal and Greek Revival styles employed in early-Nineteenth Century Mississippi.” The focal points of Hampton Hall are the large fanlight entrance, the monumental two-story Doric portico, and the elliptical stairway. Hampton Hall was constructed sometime between 1825 and 1832; however, as with many early Mississippi houses, the records are sparse. Hampton Hall was the childhood home of author and artist Blanche McManus Mansfield, who designed the prayer book and alter cloths for King Edward VII’s coronation. Hampton Hall formerly contained parlor murals executed by Blanche Mansfield but those have been painted over for decades.

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