Coliseum Theatre, Corinth

Coliseum Theatre, Corinth – (1924) (National Register) Benjamin F. Liddon designed the Coliseum Theater, one of about a half-dozen structures he designed in downtown Corinth. Liddon was an early operator of movie theaters in Mississippi, opening his first theater in 1913. The Coliseum Theater, when constructed, was the largest theater in North Mississippi and typifies the movie palace architecture of the 1920s with ornate plaster and white marble on the interior. Originally, Liddon constructed the theater with 999 seats, to avoid the higher movie royalties associated with 1000-seat theaters. In 1932, Liddon installed an air conditioning system that used chilled artesian well water, the first air conditioning system in Corinth, as well as a built-in vacuum system. While various changes have occurred to the structure, the theater’s exterior and interior retain many original features thanks to a 1980s restoration by Ledbetter Associates, Architects. The Coliseum Theater is currently owned by Alcorn County and operated as the Corinth Coliseum Civic Center.

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