“Choctaw,” Natchez

Choctaw, Natchez – (1836) Constructed in 1836 for Joseph Neibert, Choctaw is a transitional Natchez mansion, containing the general Federal style form established by Arlington and Rosalie while blending Greek Revival details. Choctaw, like Rosalie, has a central two-story portico with a similar floor plan. However, Choctaw possesses a heavier, Ionic portico; a columned Greek Revival front entrance; and a wheatsheaf balustrade. Choctaw also uses height to create the impression of grandeur and monumentality, containing a full, above-ground basement, making the second story the true main floor in the structure. This allows for the utilization of monumental entrance stairs. Both the interior and exterior of Choctaw retain a high degree of historical integrity due to sensitive restorations.

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  1. Between 1915 and 1928 what was going on at the Choctaw house at that time my great-grandmother was supposedly there during that time period . My mother has told me and my two sisters that she remembers sitting on the front steps of the Choctaw house waiting for the ice cream truck . If you have any information during that time period, and may be a list of names who work there that would be great . Thanks …. Zack Smith zack540327@gmail.com


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