“Cherokee,” Natchez

Cherokee, Natchez, View of southwest portico looking from the south, July 2006 (HABS; James W. Rosenthal, photographer)

Cherokee, Natchez – (c. 1836).  Cherokee is an excellent example of using the landscape to enhance a house’s position, as it is situated on top of a large hill and retaining wall, which places it on par with the larger Choctaw (which is located across the street). Cherokee possesses an interesting inset porch with Tuscan columns, a Federal style fanlight-type window in the prominent dormer, and a detailed Greek Revival entrance doorway. The Mississippi Heritage Trust awarded the Whatley family a Merit award in 2000 for their restoration of Cherokee’s 1830s-era faux stone stucco. Many houses in Natchez had stucco applied, painted, and scored to resemble cut stone during the 1830s. Cherokee is the only one of these Natchez houses to have its stucco restored, a costly and time consuming process.

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  1. Remarkable home, that provided so much history , placed us back in time ! David provided his expertise and flair, to enhance the beauty of the home and all the elegant furnishings in the home ! Thanks David for your passion and love of the home !


  2. First time to Natchez; this is by far the BEST attraction to visit. However, David the owner was the icing on the cake! His story of his family and the home is well worth the price of admission.


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