Vacation Postcards: Monte Cristo Tourist Court, West Point

MissPres is on vacation this week, but we’re sending postcards back from Mississippi’s past.

Monte Cristo Tourist Court, The South's Finest. 6 Miles South of West Point, Miss., on Highway 45-W, Phone 9166. Fire proof, Air-cooled Cabins, Beautyrest Mattresses, Shower.

Categories: Hotels, West Point

4 replies

  1. Anybody have an idea about a date for this? 1940s?


  2. Judging from the typeface, I would guess that this is from the 40s. Interesting card!


  3. I’m on vacation and you expect me to do research??! :-)

    There’s no date on the card itself, but it seems we all agree about the 1940s, so let’s just say it’s true. No doubt someone will come along and tell us how wrong we are.


  4. The card is from the late 40s–the motel operated into the 50s and slowly evolved into private homes. Many have been renovated and added onto, but you can still see the general outline of the old motel. It was owned by the Portera family–several Porteras lived nearby and it was commonly known as “Portera Hill” or “Turkey Hill” as they had a big turkey farm, store, motel, farmland, etc.–it is located between West Point and “The Crossroads” where 45 and 82 intersect.


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