As of today, I’m unilaterally and without UN sanction declaring myself the winner of the Jackson Details mini-contest, which has been out on the World Wide Web for over two weeks now. Out of the five detail photos from downtown Jackson, you, faithful and knowledgeable MissPres readers all, were only able to identify three (for the record, Theodore identified #2, ksb nabbed #5, and Charlie Brenner got #3, leaving #1 and #4 unsolved).

So, in case there was any doubt whatsoever, I will now officially and proudly wear the title “Person With Way Too Much Time on His/Her Hands.” I will spare you my acceptance speech, except to say that I want to recognize all the little people who got me this far.

Below are the answers, in the form of full-on shots of the buildings from which the details were taken, and you can click here to pull up the original contest in a separate window to compare:

Thalia Mara Hall (1966-68, Overstreet, Ware, Ware & Lewis, archts., William Addkison, designer)

Jackson City Hall (c.1846, William Gibbons orig. archt.; Joseph Willis, rebuilding 1853)

Old First Baptist Church (1844, archt. unknown)

Farish Street Baptist Church (1949-50, James T. Canizaro, archt.)

First Baptist Church (1924-27, Gabriel Ferrand, principal archt., N.W. Overstreet, associate archt.)

Y’all be careful out there today–remember my mantra: “Mississippians should not even try to drive in snow!” Stay inside and read a book, drink a warm beverage, take a nap instead.

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  1. Readers 3-Blogger 2…We win.


  2. FOUL! I don’t know why, just FOUL! (Unless I can be one of the little people!)

    Thalia Mara Hall! I knew I’d seen it somewhere!


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