Poplar Hill School, Jefferson County

Poplar Hill School, Fayette vicinity, Jefferson County – (c. 1923) (National Register). Poplar Hill School in Jefferson County is a rare example of a rural school built in the early 20th century to serve the surrounding African American community. The one-story wood frame building with a side-gable metal roof was built c. 1923 and housed two classrooms. Two teachers were responsible for educating students from grades 1 through 8. The building was heated with a wood stove. The school closed in 1957 when students were transferred to New Liddell Grade School in Fayette. The building has since been used by the Poplar Hill AME Church and the local community for social gatherings and church meetings. Poplar Hill School retains a large amount of original, historic detail, making it a time capsule into African American life and education in the first half of the Twentieth Century, as well as an excellent example of vernacular architecture.

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  1. In the spring of 2010, I made a visit to Poplar Hill School. I found it to be a historical keepsake and a treasure for Jefferson County and the State of Mississippi. The school’s structure and interior furnishings provide an on-site return to the early part of the twenth century. It is possibly the only remaining school of its kind in the State of Mississippi. Its first teacher, Elvira Jackson, was born in 1857, eight years before the end of the Civil War. I cast my vote for the selection of Poplar Hill School as one of the 101 places to visit in the State of Mississippi

  2. Gerald, thanks for leaving your comment here. I just want to make sure you saw the actual poll at http://misspreservation.com/2011/01/21/101-mississippi-places-natchez-district-preliminary-list/. That would be the best place to cast your vote!

  3. I was born and raised in Jefferson County. I am very proud of its rich historical value! Thank you for the info on the Poplar Hill School. I am a grant writer and would enjoy helping to get funding to preserve our landsites.

    Has anyone considered the preservation of the beautiful old Jefferson County Elementary School. I believe it was built abt. 1925? I attended school there as a child. It’s architecture is worth preserving!

  4. Make sure to vote for Poplar Hill in the on-going poll that will help us create a list of 101 Mississippi Places everyone should see: http://misspreservation.com/2011/01/21/101-mississippi-places-natchez-district-preliminary-list/

  5. Anything that is historic for African Americans shld be preserved. This is our history that many have been hiding from us. This should be protected and used to inspire children of the struggles of our ancestors.

  6. I was born and raised in jefferson and my vote is for Poplar Hill School.

  7. I wish to vote for the Poplar School to be preserved. Anything relating to Black History and the struggles that the Black people had to achieve a good education need to be preserved for the sake of our young people to see and realize the advantages that they have that many older people did not. The school buildings of today are well kept, air conditioned, clean, modern buildings, and yet some of our young Black children do not take advantage of what is being offered today in our schools. The early Black people walked to school, many miles each day in all types of weather to get an education, and today, some of our young people won’t walk a block to go to school.
    walk a block to go to school. Grow up not knowing how to read and write, but crime runs rampart on our streets.

  8. I cast my vote for Poplar Hill School! I am a proponent of education and the advantages that can be acquired as a result of higher education.

  9. Thanks for stopping by and please make sure to actually cast your vote in the poll, not in these comments. Click on this link and you will see the actual poll there: http://misspreservation.com/2011/01/21/101-mississippi-places-natchez-district-preliminary-list/

  10. My Grandmother along with other family members went to Popular Hill school. I strongly believe that this school needs to stay in our heritage for generations to come to cherish. Proverbs 22:28 comes to mind, “Remove not the ancient landmark, which thy fathers have set.” And also Duet. 19:14 which reads, “Thou shalt not remove thy neighbour’s landmark, which they of old time have set in thine inheritance, which thou shalt inherit in the land that the LORD thy God giveth thee to possess it.”


  12. Franklin D Brown, Joseph C Brown, and Anthony L Brown attended Popular Hill. Three votes: PS Late Billie B Brown Jr, attended also.

  13. I vote for Poplar Hill School in Jefferson County.

  14. If my grandmother, Rebecca Jackson (Aunt Betty, African decent) knew that Toni Stewart (German Decent) had worked so diligently and spear-headed a drive to get the work she and other teachers who taught in that very school as well as the Poplar Hill Community who contributed and sacrificed in developing and maintaining this school during their era, to be recognized in this significant way, she would be humbled and all would be extremely pleased.
    Thanks Toni.

  15. I would like to add my support and vote for this very important historical structure .
    I also thank the he rest of you who have voted for it and see it’s value as well .

  16. I would love to add my support and vote for this historial structure.

  17. I had firsthand knowledge of attending class at Poplar Hill when my aunt (Adline Jackson) and I were young girls. I attended during our family vacation to Fayette to visit my grandparents (Sarah & Willie Jackson, Sr.) I remember how strange it felt to be in a one room school. Please preserve our heritage and vote for Poplar Hill.

  18. I vote for Poplar Hill School. I am a native of Fayette. Spent a lot of saturdays as a little girl sitting on that very porch waiting for my Grandmother, Geneva Shelvy-Knight to get out of the Society Meetings. This is glorious and very special to this community.

  19. i cast one vote for popular hill school

  20. My first visit to Poplar Hill School was in July 2003. Immediately, I was captivated on the historical significance that the school offered, sparking in me a new found love in southern history. For that moment, as I walked on the grounds I reflected on the generations of my family members that were educated and taught in that very school house. It is of great monumental importance that this location and structure be preserved not only for Mississippi but for national history alike. It is a true time machine right before our very eyes.

  21. Wow! I am voting for the Popular Hill School. I think that is a great way to preserve the past and great for the community.

  22. I lived in Popular Hill area and I went to the school but at the time I came alone it was a day care center. But it was my first opportunity to learn. Therefor I am more then happy to vote for the school.

  23. I vote for Poplar Hill School to be added to the Preservation Registry/.


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