Webster County Courthouse Update

You may recall that N.W. Overstreet’s 1915 Webster County Courthouse suffered major damage from fire earlier in the year. The Webster Progress-Times is reporting that an engineering report has just been turned in to the board of supervisors: The fire-damaged courthouse is… Read More ›

Fire at the Hinds County Armory

WLBT reported a fire at the Hinds County Armory on the Missisisppi State Fairgrounds this evening. Word from the site indicates the fire was put out around 6:45, but if that’s the case, it was going for about an hour.

Remembering Hurricane Camille

From the Biloxi Daily Herald, “Landmarks Lost During Camille,” by Emily Germanis, August 16, 1970: “Historically speaking, the Mississippi Gulf Coast received a great blow as a result of Hurricane Camille. At least 15 well known landmarks were wiped out, others… Read More ›