A Lath-ing matter

Malvaney recently brought to my attention some very cool photos of the inner bowels of the Washington County Courthouse that have been made available on the MDAH HRI database. These images show the metal lath that supports the plaster in… Read More ›

MissPres News Roundup 10-7-2013

A quick news roundup this week–I admit I haven’t done my homework, so this is not comprehensive. The Sun-Herald ran a nice story “Historic Ocean Springs house makes a comeback; agencies ponder future” about the Charnley House restoration, which MHT’s Lolly… Read More ›

Webster County Courthouse Update

You may recall that N.W. Overstreet’s 1915 Webster County Courthouse suffered major damage from fire earlier in the year. The Webster Progress-Times is reporting that an engineering report has just been turned in to the board of supervisors: The fire-damaged courthouse is… Read More ›

Webster County Courthouse Burns

We heard early yesterday that the Webster County Courthouse in the tiny town of Walthall caught fire around 2:30 AM and was not completely under control until 7 o’clock. Tom Freeland at the North Mississippi Commenter posted an update yesterday afternoon. Preservation architect… Read More ›