Gulf Coast

Remembering Hurricane Camille

From the Biloxi Daily Herald, “Landmarks Lost During Camille,” by Emily Germanis, August 16, 1970: “Historically speaking, the Mississippi Gulf Coast received a great blow as a result of Hurricane Camille. At least 15 well known landmarks were wiped out, others… Read More ›

Internet Archive

A friend who is a more careful and meticulous researcher than I am (I tend to click around and spend hours getting sidetracked on other interesting topics) pointed me to an internet resource I hadn’t known of before called Internet… Read More ›

Happy (?) Hurricane Season

This isn’t really a preservation-related post, I guess, but it is Mississippi-related, so I at least cover half my blog title. Today, June 1, is an important day in the Mississippi calendar: it’s the beginning of hurricane season. Growing up on the Gulf… Read More ›

Gulfport Library update

A third public meeting about the future of Gulfport Library took place on Thursday (the 12th) and this one seems to have actually produced some encouraging movement on all sides. According to the Sun-Herald article, the many interested parties, including… Read More ›