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MissPres News Roundup 4-18-2017

From Mary Holmes College to Gulfport Library, from fences at Greenwood Cemetery to the roof of the old Greenville Depot, from Natchez to Jackson to Tupelo and points in between, here’s all the Mississippi preservation news that’s fit to print (virtually, on the internets).

Charleston Cruise Ship Debate

The Wall Street Journal discusses the controversy in Charleston over the enormous cruise ship now calling the city its home. Unfortunately but predictably, the comments show how this local but significant debate, which should be about the sometimes uncomfortable interplay… Read More ›

Linking Around

I’m told that the original blogs tried to bring order to the World Wide Web primarily by pointing their readers to interesting articles or websites. I’m not exactly on the cutting edge of technology, so I probably wasn’t even aware… Read More ›

Why Preserve?

An article titled “Why should ‘heritage’ be preserved?” popped up on my screen a couple of weeks ago, just before I went on my little Thanksgiving vacation, but I haven’t known quite what to say about it, so I’ve been trying to… Read More ›