Hurricane Katrina

Happy (?) Hurricane Season

This isn’t really a preservation-related post, I guess, but it is Mississippi-related, so I at least cover half my blog title. Today, June 1, is an important day in the Mississippi calendar: it’s the beginning of hurricane season. Growing up on the Gulf… Read More ›

Yay, National Trust!

Sometimes the National Trust seems too wine-and-cheese for my tastes, but last week, the Trust got down and dirty when it brought a lawsuit against FEMA and the Veterans Administration for their trampling of preservation laws in New Orleans. All… Read More ›

Gulfport Library update

A third public meeting about the future of Gulfport Library took place on Thursday (the 12th) and this one seems to have actually produced some encouraging movement on all sides. According to the Sun-Herald article, the many interested parties, including… Read More ›