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Capitols Old and New

Tales about Mississippi’s two iconic capitol buildings show up pretty regularly here on MissPres, and we set up this page to help ourselves keep track of all the posts. We hope you find this little crib note reference helpful too!… Read More ›

A Tale of Two Domes, Finale

Today, guest author Blake Wintory concludes his fascinating examination of the two similar domes atop the Mississippi and Arkansas capitol buildings. If you are just joining us, jump back to the beginning and read from the beginning because it’s a… Read More ›

Polling in the Center

We’ve polled in three of the four corners of the state (Natchez, Coast, Northeast), so I figure it’s time to move back to the center. Today, we’ll open the poll for what I think of as the Yazoo Bluffs region–Carrollton,… Read More ›

Thanksgiving 2010

It would be inappropriate to complain about an 80 degrees Thanksgiving, so I’ll just roll that into all the other things I’m thankful for this year: For the Craftsman style and the Art Deco style and for the Federal and… Read More ›