Update on the Burns “Belfry” Project in Oxford

The plywood covering the windows and walls of the Burns Belfry Church has finally come down!  In October, the City of Oxford applied for a state grant (MDAH) to complete the restoration of the project–which has been in the works for over 10 years now.  (I am having difficulty getting the link to stay linked, so the original post about the Burns renovation can be found at http://suzassippi.blogspot.com/2010/11/burns-me-churchbelfry-restoration.html).

From the looks of things on April 11th, work has finally begun on the exterior of the building.  The former particle board covering the gable area has been removed and new underlayment placed.  I am not sure what the tar paper in the windows and front door signify.

The brick has been removed from the front walk and the plywood removed from the front door as well.  Small steps, but at least some action going on after all this time.

Categories: African American History, Churches, Historic Preservation, Oxford, Renovation Projects

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  1. The door and window openings are blacked in because the work underway includes replacing the non-original windows and doors (that were previous replacements installed in the late 1970s). The contractor has removed the existing units but is awaiting delivery of the new units. The original window on the building’s front (street) side is being restored – for the past thirty-two years, it has been a door.


  2. Thanks for the clarification! It’s great to see progress being made.



  1. Update on Burns “Belfry” Church Restoration « suzassippi: red shutters

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