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Three Early Fall Happenings

Since we’re having such unseasonably (but welcome) low temperatures lately, we know it’s time to start thinking about September and early fall events. Three have popped up on my radar lately, ranging from the far north (Holly Springs) to central… Read More ›

Is it Fall yet?

Now that we’ve gotten rid of that horrible August, we can begin looking forward to fall in Mississippi, when the temperatures fall into the low 90s and the trees decide there’s no use pretending like they’re enjoying this anymore so… Read More ›


No it’s not a website dedicated to the preservation of Encyclopedias or even to the preservation of various wiki web pages.  Preservapedia is “your open encyclopedia for heritage conservation.”  The point being that although the internet is an amazing tool,… Read More ›

Fall Happenings

Admittedly it doesn’t seem very much like fall yet, except for a few coolish evenings, but it is time to start planning ahead for courses to help grow in your knowledge of Mississippi architecture (and maybe help you win your… Read More ›

More Spring Happenings

As usual around this time of year–regardless of weird snow flurries three weeks into March–Mississippi is coming to life, with the daffodils, japanese magnolias, and now the Bradford pears blooming away, and the azaleas showing signs of budding. This is… Read More ›

Visitor Centers-Bah!

For your Sunday afternoon reading pleasure, and in light of my recent musings on the National Park Service and on the fate of heritage sites, may I suggest this article from Architectural Record’s March 2009 issue, “Rolling out the unwelcome mat for… Read More ›

MissPres News Roundup 7-17-2009

Ok, while our friends in Greenville work on unraveling the mysterious funding structure of the South Delta Regional Housing Authority, let’s look around the state for historic preservation news, hopefully of a better sort than demolitions . . . July 11, 2009: Here’s… Read More ›


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