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Architectural Twins: The A&Ps

Today’s post is about mid-20th-century design, but it’s not about Mid-Century Modern. Instead, it’s about the perhaps less-hipster Mid-Century Colonial style. I’m sure I’m not the first to notice these cupola-ed Colonial Revival buildings on the edges of many Mississippi… Read More ›

MissPres News Roundup 10-7-2013

A quick news roundup this week–I admit I haven’t done my homework, so this is not comprehensive. The Sun-Herald ran a nice story “Historic Ocean Springs house makes a comeback; agencies ponder future” about the Charnley House restoration, which MHT’s Lolly… Read More ›

MissPres News Roundup 4-1-2013

No fooling – it’s all good news today! First there was a story about downtown revitalization in Pontotoc.  Three property owners have recently invested in downtown buildings – including one couple who even turned an historic gas station into their… Read More ›

What is Rock Lath?

Have you ever seen a material attached to a wall that looked like drywall but maybe had some holes in it and possibly some plaster stuck to one side?  It’s possible you never have.  The material is called Rock Lath and… Read More ›


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